Video 4: Movement Tile Generation

First (not showable by video), I overhauled the menu system into a state machine, making moving from various map and menu states much cleaner and easier.

Second, this video shows the generation of the movement tiles when the player wants to move a unit. It’s still a little buggy when selecting the target tile, but it’s very close.

Hopefully in time for C-Day: Movement logic bug free, Exhaustion system (unit can’t move more than once per turn), Turn progression, Three basic levels.


Week 2

Obtained all the art assets I’ll need to use. (These are placeholder and only for this project as it exists in a scholastic setting. Once base mechanics are complete and I’m ready to launch it beyond a learning effort original art will be used.)

Previews from the Various packages I’ve downloaded:

Week 1

The game is flying along at about a 5% completed status. Cursor is in with its animation and sfx, background music for the first level, and a really basic map and tactics grid.

To come next:

  • Finish Main Menu Assets
  • Spawn MM on button press (when cursor is on empty/non-unit space)
  • Controls migrate to MM, rest of game pauses (MM logic)